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The Software Genesis business model distinguishes us in several respects.

Software Genesis is not a consulting company. With consultants, the relationship rests upon the legal satisfaction of the terms of a contract -- whether or not that process results in a product. Further, in a typical consulting or work-for-hire relationship the compensation for the consulting firm is derived purely based upon an hourly rate or other strict formula.

In contrast, Software Genesis does not profit from developing the software, or even from the sale of the end product; we derive profit from sharing in the overall success of your business.

Software Genesis is not an incubator. Incubators focus on the development of the administration and business aspects of a company, in the hopes that the resulting structure will foster the development of successful products.

The Software Genesis approach reverses that. The core of a successful business is the creation and release of marketable products. At Software Genesis we focus on helping you create a product, confident in the knowledge that, once you release a high quality product, needed business growth will follow.

Most of our customers are either individuals or new startup companies. They come to us because they have a product idea, but often they have no way of knowing what it will take to make that product a reality. For each partner, we establish a partnership agreement uniquely suited to them; there are no set formulas. However, each relationship follows the same general process.


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