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Headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio, Software Genesis is a privately held software development company. We specialize in Windows application development and Internet products for Microsoft platforms, and we partner with individuals or small companies to create innovative products targeted for the open consumer market.

If you have a solid idea for a product, you could be our next partner. Contact us, and let’s explore the possibilities together. 

Software Genesis consists of a talented and dedicated team of software development professionals. Our staff has held varied technical and managerial roles in a wide range of software development and consulting companies. We knew about numerous models for software development and business growth. And yet, in a world full of corporate IT groups and custom software development houses, work-for-hire companies and individual consultants, small company incubators and venture capitalists, we still found a deep chasm between the conception of a software product idea and the success of a resulting product. Software Genesis began with an idea for a new approach to bridge that gap.

All of us have moments when we hear about a newly available product and we think, “Why couldn’t I have thought of that?” or even, “I thought of that – I just didn’t realize it could become a marketable product.” At Software Genesis, we don’t spend any time fretting over the fact that we didn’t have the idea. We’ve discovered that we as a team derive great satisfaction from contributing to the success of others’ ideas. For our team, the excitement lies in applying technology in innovative ways, in facilitating the creation of a new product that challenges all of us and addresses a market need.


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