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At Software Genesis we continually search for new ideas. More importantly, we develop partnerships with the people who have those ideas. Our focus is to discover individuals or small companies who have the vision for a new product, and then to partner with them to see that dream come to life.

It takes a unique person to enter this sort of partnership. We look for at least two characteristics in evaluating potential partners. First, were in this business because we recognize that we cant do it alone, and we expect our partners to admit the same. We know we dont have a corner on all the great ideas but we do have the technical expertise to implement them. As a result, were seeking business partners who have imaginative ideas, and who need help to create solutions.

In addition, one of our core operating principles is that were not in this just for the money. If profit were our prime consideration, wed be content to join the myriad ranks of consulting companies who do work for hire at an hourly rate. That approach is much safer, really. In that arrangement we would be paid whether or not the product ever succeeded. But at Software Genesis, we dont profit until you succeed. Our up front compensation only covers our expenses; we dont earn a profit until your business profits from the product we create together.

Yes, were running a business, and obviously we must achieve a certain level of profit in order to continue doing what we enjoy. However, we refuse to sacrifice quality, integrity, or correct solutions for the sake of profit. And because our customers are actually partners, we expect that they, too, commit to rigorous standards of excellence.


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