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At Software Genesis we take seriously the fact that your idea is valuable property. In fact, in the business relationships we establish, we recognize that an idea is the single greatest asset a client brings to the partnership. Consequently, we are determined to protect the confidentiality of that idea so that it has time to be developed into a viable, marketable product.

In the same way, we know that the technical expertise we bring to the partnership is also property worth protecting. That’s why we begin each relationship with the signing of a mutual nondisclosure agreement. We want to build the partnership on the foundation of trust and open communication that are critical to product success. We are so serious about this that we’ve included a copy of a typical confidentiality agreement. Putting such an agreement in place enables the free exchange of ideas, and is prerequisite to any successful venture.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:  SoftwareGenesisNDA.rtf



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